Environ Focus Frown Serum


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This peptide enriched Environ Frown Serum (formerly labelled as Focus Frown Serum) is known as friendly Botox. This non-invasive serum is enriched with a super-concentrated combination of peptides, helping to soften and improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine expression lines. Targeted areas include forehead furrows, frown lines and “crow’s feet”.

This focus frown serum works on the different stages of muscle movement to relax the frown lines around the eye area, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating your face.


Our Environ Focus Frown Serum relaxes and reduces facial tension by using a combination of peptides. Leuphasyl inhibits the calcium uptake which reduces muscle activity, with SYN-AKE reducing muscle cell contraction This relaxation reduces lines and wrinkles on the face, allowing for smoother, younger-looking skin –  so you’ll be enjoying a more youthful appearance in no time at all!

Nicknamed ‘friendly botox’ – this is one of our most popular Environ products and offers affordable, pain-free alternative to injections.